Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving up on NaBloPoMo and OKC in review

So I've more or less given up on NaBloPoMo. I didn't really get to update while I was at my in-laws, and while I could go back and write stuff, I'm way too lazy to do that. Hopefully, however, I've gotten more in the habit of updating, and I won't just update every few months. (Though, realistically? We'll see how that goes.)

We had a great time in Oklahoma, though, and really enjoyed spending time with the family. With both of Will's brother's there and their significant others, along with two grandchildren, it makes for a full house, which I love the feeling of. The day after Thanksgiving my mother in law had someone come and take family portraits, which was pretty cool.

Highlights of the holiday weekend include:
  • My ridiculously cute 7 month old niece, who was the happiest baby I've ever seen
  • My ridiculously cute 3 1/2 year old nephew, who was constantly chatting, even if he was the only one in the room
  • Watching Will play with the aforementioned niece and nephew
  • Megan's Texas Sheet Cake (or, as it was also called, Chocolate Bomb Cake, because it's da bomb)
  • The UT snuggie Charlie bought for his dad
  • My first custard "concrete", which is basically like a DQ blizzard, but made out of custard, and thicker

For Christmas we're going to Austin to spend it with my family, and I'm equally excited about that. Dani will be back from London, PLUS my mom's pernil, PLUS a likely trip to the Salt Lick. Awesome!

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