Saturday, November 21, 2009

Werewolves vs Vampires

Tonight on the way home from watching New Moon with some friends (yes, we did go watch it on opening day. Does it help that we didn't watch it at midnight?) we got into a heated vampires vs werewolves debate. (Okay, I suppose that right there ruined any credit we got for not watching it at midnight.)

I find Edward to be incredibly annoying and emo - the only person in the series who is MORE annoying is Bella. Why do I like this series again? I mean, they are the two main characters. So I am obviously more of a fan of Jacob, and am therefore a werewolf girl. It also helps that vampires are always described as being cold and marble-like, and as I am always cold, I would much prefer a werewolf as they are always warm. Granted, I am married to a human, so I suppose that it's a decision I'll never actually be faced with. Marci said that Will looks a little like Edward, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with that information.

Am I really typing this out for public consumption? Luckily, only 11 people read this blog.

Anyways, Marci seems to prefer Edward to Jacob, and Briana said she'd have to think about it. Jen was rather quiet on the subject, and then we got sidetracked and started discussing whether or not we thought that, if He lived today, Jesus would be a socialist. On that I think we found more common ground, deciding that He would probably not get involved in politics, but that His ideals would probably be more in line with socialism than capitalism.

And that was my Friday night out with the girls.

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