Thursday, November 5, 2009


Will and I watch a lot of television. Well, if I were being fair, I'd say that I watch a lot of television, and Will sits around while I'm doing it. I don't know why I'm such a tv watcher - I think part of it may be that I consider myself an observer of the human condition, and tv allows me to observe without really participating.

But it's probably not that deep.

There are something like 50 shows on our Tivo Season Pass, and I'm not even exaggerating. (In fact, I just checked, and it's actually 62.) Also, a lot of it is junk. I will totally admit to having The Girls Next Door and Real World Road Rules Challenge. I feel the need to note, however, that the former is one of the shows on my list where Will has stated that "he's okay if I watch while he's around." I mean, he doesn't actually like it or anything, but if I like it and want to watch it when he's around, he's not going to complain. He will complain, however, if I watch 18 Kids and Counting or The View. Those are strictly for times when he's not around.

Luckily, one of the places where our interests converge is Sci Fi. When we grew up we both watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, and when we got married, we got ourselves a joint birthday present that was the complete series, and watched the whole thing. It was deliciously nerdy.

We also were really big Stargate: SG-1 fans, though neither of us really got into Atlantis past the first season. Our plan is to DVD them at some point now that the show is over. We've just decided to give Stargate: Universe a shot, since that's new, and we now have a hole in our Friday nights since BSG is over. (Dancing robots?! Really? REALLY?!) Will was a big fan of the book that Flash Forward was based on, and we think that show has promise, though Will's losing interest quicker than I am.

And our most recent foray is V, which we just watched last night. This one also has a lot of promise, and you kind of have to give a show that has two Firefly alums a shot, right?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Will and I are nerds. So it's lucky we ended up together, or else his wife would all "ew" and my husband would be all "aren't guys supposed to be the ones that like this?"

Though sometimes Will rolls his eyes at me when I talk about my May the Fourth Star Wars parties, so maybe we're not compeletely matched.

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