Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaBloPoMo wears thin

So I went 10 days before I really struggled with what to write. I think that's a promising start, at least, and hopefully I'm getting my creative juices running enough that I won't have to write too many posts this about how I'm not motivated to write.

I actually have about 4 posts in my drafts with ideas of what to write about for days like this, but my main problem is that today I don't really have a desire to write, rather than not having anything to write about.

Three paragraphs counts as enough, right? I will leave you with two things:

a) I named my Droid! His name is R2D2. Will went with Bender.
b) I really enjoy the below scene from the Thomas Crowne Affair. There's some commercial that has music that reminds me of this movie, and as a result I've watched this scene like 3 times in the past week. (*SPOILERS* if you've never watched the movie. Which you should.)

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