Monday, November 9, 2009

Queso in Cali

Yesterday I had a craving for queso and did some googling and yelping to figure out if there's a restaurant in LA that has a good one. What I discovered is that restaurants in LA lack queso in general, much less good queso. Apparently it's a uniquely Tex-Mex thing, and pretty hard to find in California. Especially now that On The Border went bankrupt.

There was one thread in yelp where someone asked (a transplanted Texan, specifically) and all the results were "um, there are lots of places in LA that have cheese." PEOPLE. QUESO DOES NOT JUST MEAN CHEESE. It is also a creamy spicy cheese dip to be eaten with chips or tortillas.

After some failed searching (the only non-Chili's place I could find was only open for brunch) I decided to find a recipe. I was specifically craving Kerbey Queso, so I went with this white queso recipe that google provided me with. It was fancy with a roux and whatnot, and ended up feeling a bit grainy, but wasn't too bad. However, next time I think I'm just going to go with the Velveeta recipe I got from twitter. Definitely easier, and I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for Velveeta so there's really nothing to lose.


  1. John makes one with Velveeta and the spice Rotell tomatoes and a can of green chiles. It's not bad if you're desperately craving queso.

  2. This sounds really bad but...I swear they have Queso at Baja Fresh. I love it.


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