Friday, December 4, 2009

Bruce Willis!

In true LA life fashion, Bruce Willis was in the dining hall today. I didn't notice him at first, but then Marci pointed him out, and I stared for about 10 seconds trying to determine if it really was him before she told me to stop. It was him though.

We went to the table and told everyone there that he was in the building, but he'd left before most of them could see him. The rumor was that he was there with one of his daughters to scope out the university for her, but I'm pretty sure we were the ones that started that rumor, so I don't know how true it actually is.

It was pretty cool, and my most random celeb sighting, since most of the other ones have been at concerts or while in Beverly Hills, both places you're expecting it a little more. In the Lair on a random Friday was definitely not expected, and therefore totally more cool.

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