Monday, December 7, 2009

My cooking habit

So I really enjoy cooking, even if I'm less than thrilled about the grocery shopping beforehand and cleaning afterward that always go along with the act. However, I try to do it with at least some regularity, because it's relaxing and fun and at the end of it all you get to eat, so who could really ask for much more?

Will and I have decided that this January we're going to try to go tv-free (even though Marci thinks there's no way in hell we'll be able to) and today we had a bit of a practice because I was home earlyish and there was absolutely nothing on our tivo to watch which, seriously guys, it never happens. And there's only so much ant observing a person can do (even though I'm still totally fascinated by these things) and I've sorted through all the recipes that have gone up on my google reader over the past few days, and now I have the urge to cook. Something with chocolate chips. But not cookies.

So I've been searching for muffin recipes, and came up with a couple of possibilities, but we don't have most of the ingredients necessary for them. So I think I'm going to go with chocolate chip pancakes, because I am insane.

From this I have determined that on February 1st Will and I will be less addicted to television, but significantly heavier. Maybe February we'll focus on going to the gym.

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  1. Call me in February. Maybe I'll be ready to go to the gym by then.


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