Saturday, December 5, 2009


So when I was growing up I always wanted an ant farm, but my mom was pretty opposed to it, since in Texas pretty much the only kind of ant you can get is a fire ant, and for some reason she was very strongly opposed to having them in the house. Go figure.

I mentioned this to Will a few weeks ago, and when I came home the other day there was a package waiting - he'd bought me an Ant Works farm!

Now this is no ordinary farm with dirt and whatnot. The ants live in this gel that was developed by NASA to study how ants would do in a weightless environment. The gel provides both food and water to the ants, and it also is see through, so even if they burrow through the middle of the farm, you can still see it.

We tried catching ants, but the ones we cought were too small, so we mail oredered some (who know you could mail order ants?!) and they got here today. Will dumped them in as soon as he got home, and now they're eating away, and have just started to dig along the sides of the farm.

It's pretty cool, and because I'm a total nerd, I'm super excited about it. Updates are forthcoming!

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