Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Moving

So you know the stairs I was complaining about a couple of weeks ago? The big ones that Will has been carrying things up multiple times a day, and I've been carrying things up 2-3 times a day? Well, the other day, Will came across something that he wasn't able to carry up by himself.

Our dresser.

Let me tell you, that thing is HEAVY. And we had to take it up two flights of stairs. And we couldn't get the drawers out. We could have emptied the drawers, (and at one point, halfway up the first flight, we considered it) but they just had a few sheets and towels in them, so we ended up not.

It probably took us around 30-45 minutes to get it up the stairs, partially because I was both too weak to do the hefting up from the bottom and too weak to do the pulling up from the top, so each step was way more of an effort than it should have been for a healthy 28 year old. But I never claimed to be in shape, so there's that.

In the end, though, WE DID IT. And I felt very accomplished because, while I didn't do a humongous part myself, I had to have done SOMETHING because there's no way Will would have been able to do it by himself.

I also resolved to start going to the gym regularly so that I can be helpful whenever it is that we move out, but that has yet to happen. Baby steps.

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