Thursday, August 5, 2010

In San Antonio!

We made it! The road trip was fun, and I'd tell you I was going to go back and recap it, but I still haven't finished recapping our trip to Thailand and Singapore last summer, so don't hold your breath. This way, if I do it, you'll be pleasantly surprised, rather than just being sad and disappointed when I don't.

So far we're finding San Antonio nice, but hot. In some ways, it's really weird to be back, because it seems like we never left, but in other ways it's weird and foreign because San Antonio has stayed the same, but we've changed. I suppose all that is normal, though.

So now it's just the adjusting, the apartment hunting, the settling in, and on Monday, the work starting! I'm nervous, but also excited about all of the above - hopefully the excited will be more warranted than the nervous!

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