Sunday, August 15, 2010

Continuing Transitioning

We're in a new apartment (NEW APARTMENT!!) that's not on campus (LIVE OFF POSITION!!) which is both weird and awesome at the same time. I like having a home that's just ours, even if having to commute to work is a little weird.

This home does not yet have internet access or tv, which is really weird since we're a bit addicted to both. But between moving and unpacking there's plenty of stuff to keep us busy. In an effort to avoid moving and unpacking, I've also been reading some, which is nice. I need a library card soon, but in the mean time I'm keeping my local Borders and Half Price Books in business. (Oh, how I missed Half Price Books!) Also, we're keeping our local Starbucks and Panera in business, since they have free wifi.

I'm hoping that when we get internet and cable on Tuesday we won't fall back into bad habits of always having one or the other (or, often, both) on, but I guess we'll see. The fact that we're lacking furniture will probably help that, since there isn't anywhere for us to sit near the tv. Because, apparently, when you move off campus, you usually have to furnish your own place. Weird how that works!

Things are going well, though, and aside from almost melting multiple times a day, we're enjoying it. Which isn't to say that we don't miss our friends back in LA, because we seriously do. It's just that San Antonio has a lot to offer us as well, so we're making the most of it.

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