Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parking Problems

After having lived the past 11 years on a college campus (with the exception of one semester of grad school) I have to say I'm pretty used to having less parking options than I'd like. At two of the schools I worked at I actually got a reserved parking spot, but there was the occasional student who "was just there for a minute, I promise!" and the random RA who thought that the RESERVED FOR RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF sign meant RAs rather than professional staff and I guess thought that we had reserved 4 spots around campus for the 70 RAs as part of an awesome, no holds barred, "first come first serve" grab-the-parking-spot game.

(Which, now that I think about it, would be kind of fun.)

But now we're in an (OFF CAMPUS!) apartment complex and the parking is pretty decent. We can usually find a spot right across from our building, but sometimes we have to walk an extra 15 feet to the cul-de-sac next to our building and park there. However, some people in our building seem to think that the 15 extra feet is HORRIBLY IMPOSING and have instead decided that they'd rather park in the fire line. You know, the one that's red and says NO PARKING.

PEOPLE! WE HAD A FIRE LAST WEEK! Do you remember that? Fire trucks came, a great big hole was carved in the ceiling of one apartment to get to the attic where the electrical fire was, and a fireman burst into our apartment, without a word went straight for the fire extinguisher under our sink, pulled the tab, and when he was halfway out of our door yelled back to us "Get out. Now." Which, after we gathered our laptops and new camera, we did. (Amy Adams in Leap Year totally would have refused to marry us. In my defense, I couldn't remember where we'd decided to store our wedding album, or else that's what I would have grabbed. (Along with my laptop.))

Hmmmm, maybe I should have led with that story. That might have made for a more interesting blog post.

Anyways, we were fine, and no personal property from the apartment with the fire was ruined, but nonetheless, if someone had been parked in the fire lane, it would have been a problem. So seriously, don't park in fire lines! ESPECIALLY not overnight!

Plus, it makes it really hard to pull out my car when you do.

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