Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog moving: Bluebonnets and Breakfast Tacos

I am no longer living LA life. It's sad, but true and, slowly, I'm coming to grips with it. For this reason, a blog called "Living LA Life" is a bit of a misnomer, and I thought I ought to address it.

So... I'm moving over to carmenite.com, which is a fun name that's significantly more generic. Which will be helpful for when we move to London and become soccer hooligans and my blog becomes "Gunner Girl" and when we move to Sydney and become beach bums and my blog becomes "Surfing Sheila" and when we move to the moon and I start working at Moon U (I haven't come up with a name for that bog yet) - the carmenite.com won't ever have to change!

And what better day to move my blog than my birthday? I think I more or less have this new blog thing figured out, so that's promising. Head on over, and if I'm lucky enough to be bookmarked or on an RSS Reader of yours, please update them!

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