Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Sister, JD

So this past weekend we took a quick trip back to Texas to see my AMAZING sister graduate from law school. I left Texas and moved out to LA right before she started law school, so in some ways it's weird for me to think that she's all done, since for the most part, the only real glimpses I saw of the process were via phone conversations, tweets, and facebook updates. But nonetheless she's done! Now she just gets to study for the bar, which I hear is a blast!

A hundred years ago, UT decided that their graduates should start wearing regalia, but no one invited the Law School to the meeting where they made that decision. So, in protest, the law school decided that they wouldn't wear any, and instead just wear white suits, and upon crossing the stage be pinned with a sunflower. They call this the Sunflower Ceremony. This makes my sister rather grumpy, because she wanted regalia, gosh darn it! But she didn't get any, so instead pretend like she's wearing poofy Doctoral gown and a velvet tam. And a purple hood! Sometimes, I think I should go to law school just because they get purple hoods, and my hood is just light blue. But enough about me. MY BABY SISTER IS A LAWYER!

So proud.

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