Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cleaning out our storage space, or: Carmen is a pack rat

So this weekend Will really wanted to start going through our storage space to see if we could downsize it. He brought me along because I have, like, 4+ boxes that I brought from Texas that haven't been touched. I went through it, and decided that I definitely have a packrat problem.

I found, among other things, a bunch of notes from grad school, my RA training binder from my senior year, a script from a Star Wars fanfilm that my friends in Australia made in 2002, the notebooks that Will and I got at Engaged Encounter, RA training schedules from Trinity in 2005 and 2006, forms for room changes at Texas State in 2004, unopened statements from ING (what? I track online!), and lots and lots of books.

Some of it I tossed, some of it I didn't. In the end, we decided to toss a box, sell a box, donate a bag, and take a bag home.

I'd say it was a very productive day.

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