Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living Spa Life

So before moving to LA I'd never had a massage, and I'd only gotten my nails done twice (both times it was only my hands) - once at my cousin's wedding, and once while working at Trinity. But in my first month at LA, during RD training, there was one day when training got out early, so I went with my boss and a handful of coworkers (both guys and girls) to get a mani-pedi. No, seriously, we left work early to get our nails done. This should have been the first sign that this part of my life might change.

I now get a mani-pedi a few times during the summer, because how can I wear open toed shoes with anything other than perfectly done toenails? If you had told me I was going to do this 5 years ago, I'd have called you crazy.

For my birthday that first year in LA, Will got me a gift certificate to a spa, and then let me know that I could get whatever I wanted, but in case I was interested, that the cost of the gift certificate was exactly the cost of a couple's massage. Smooth. We got a couple's massage.

It was pretty awesome, and since then we've had two other ones - once on our honeymoon, and once when I discovered that one of the rewards you can get on our credit card is a gift certificate to Spa Finder. The past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful for me at work, so I decided to do a first - get a massage on my own.

The two massages that I'd gotten before were Swedish massages, but because my back has been hurting some, I went with a deep tissue massage, with a hot stone add-on. I am SO chic, in case you couldn't tell. I went to Beach Massage which is where we'd gone for our Spa Finder gift card massage, and it's not really a fancy *spa* experience, but the massages are awesome. This was no exception - I'm a little sore, but I totally feel like she worked out some of my kinks, and the hot stones were amazing.

After lunch I was all in a healthy mood, so I picked Will up and we went to The Veggie Grill where we had sandwiches that tasted like they were chicken and steak, but they were actually vegan. It was kind of amazing - I could totally become vegan if all their food tasted like this.

Dinner was a pizza place where they have bbq chicken pizzas with french fries, and nacho pizzas with chips. Also amazing.

The perfect day? Quite possibly.

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