Saturday, March 14, 2009

BBQ in LA?

Will and I have been trying to find good barbecue in LA, and that's proving to be difficult. Tonight we tried another place, Baby Blues BBQ. Rating? Pretty good (for LA).

I'll give them that the meat is pretty good. We got the sausage, baby back ribs, and pulled pork, and were impressed by all of them. As sides we got their cornbread, mac and cheese, and coleslaw, and those three were all good as well. However, the sauces left something to be desired.

They had an apple vinegar that was pretty good with the pulled pork, but didn't really taste bbq-y, just more general yummy. And their other two sauces (regular BBQ, and XXX BBQ) were both vinegar based. I'm not a huge fan of the vinegar based bbq sauces, but the XXX is good and spicy, so the vinegar-osity isn't as obvious.

We'll definitely go there again, but it's still no County Line, Salt Lick, or Rudy's.

On a completely unrelated note, I've tried (and failed) the One Hundred Pushups program a couple of times before. However, today I'm trying a new, similar, but different program - Two Hundred Situps. I did my initial test today, and managed 11 crunches (when they say situps, they really mean cruches.) So we'll see how long that actually lasts.

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