Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning on the Train...

We woke up early this morning because we're traveling over this rocky and mountainous bridge thing, and we wanted to see it. Well, that's not entirely true. We planned to wake up early this morning in order to see the scenery, but we actually woke up about an hour before we planned because the train did one of those jerky moves that it does every once in a while.

I once again proved that I am blessed with the ability to sleep anywhere, and Will once again proved that he is not (poor thing). He woke up a number of times, but I only did a couple, until the 5am train-jerking that had us open the windows and peek outside.

When we went to sleep we were still pretty much in the city, or at least the equivalent to the suburbs, but this morning we're definitely not. There's a lot more open space, and we see the occasional villiage, but overal, it's pretty empty.

Our steward, Chiang, knocked on our door at 6am as we'd requested in order to wake us up so that we could get dressed and make our way to the observation car to see the cliff-traversing the train was going to do.

The observation car was already pretty crowded but we got a spot near the front, right behind the locomotive, which they attached so that we could go the opposite direction. We started moving again around 6:40 and soon we were hugging the edge of a cliff, overlooking a river and riding over pretty much nothing. It was definitely cool.

Our next stop today is the River Kwai, so it's time to actually get ready (and try showering on a train for the first time!) so that we can disembark and do some site-seeing!

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