Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Summer of Fitness!

So one of the benefits of living on campus is that you have a gym right near you. However, I've been living on a college campus for the past 9 years, and I've never really taken advantage of it.

I went to the Trinity gym maybe 2-3 times while I was a student, and twice when I worked there. I went to the Texas State gym once for a class (classes were free the first week of the semester) and then 3 more times for a personal training thing that I got as a present from my parents. And then I've been to the LMU gym twice for a spin class (only attended one class, though - the other was full) and then maybe another 2-3 times, usually kicking and screaming as Will dragged me.

But! The plan is to start going regularly this summer. To ensure that I do this, I've paid $75 for 10 small-group fitness classes that I can take throughout the summer. And as some more motivation they did a body composition analysis whose results I won't share, but I will note that they were unfavorable enough that I decided to go ahead and DO something about it.

Also, I'm doing it with a buddy, Jen, who is way more upbeat/optomistic/generally happy-type person than I am, so that will help. And I even used the treadmill for half an hour today! So I think I'm off to a good start.

Now, just hoping that this will last for more than a week...

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